Kırmızıtaş & Partners

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Commercial and company law

  • Commercial and company law
  • Preparing the statute of a company
  • Sale of company and sales contract
  • Commercial contracts
  • Establishment of branch and liaison offices
  • Distribution and agency contracts
  • Distribution and agency contracts
  • Contracts to buy or sell stakes or property of companies
  • Insolvency procedures

Family law

  • Marriage contracts
  • Divorcement
  • Maintenance claim
  • Custody
  • Custodial care for ill person
  • Testament
  • Legacy division
  • Testament contract
  • Testament procedures

Employment law

  • Analysis and preparation of employment contracts
  • Collective labor agreements
  • Termination of employment and leaving by mutual agreement
  • Takeover of plants or close down
  • Disciplinary warning letters
  • Appeal against injustice dismissal

Real estate and renting contracts

  • Control and preparation of contracts to buy or sell a real estate
  • Preparation and control of contracts on renting flats or business locations
  • Termination of rent contracts and action on aviction
  • Rent rising
  • Representation of the owner on owner assemblies
  • Owner assembly court issues

Construction and architectural law

  • Preparation of construction and architectural contracts
  • Payment commitment
  • Warranty claim
  • Proof assessment application
  • Costs of architectural projects

Competition law and intellectual property

  • Competition law, legal opinion on competition subjects
  • Patent and brand registration
  • Intellectual property rights
  • License contracts
  • Permit, exemption and negative pleading and warning letters against injustice competition

German and Turkish law

  • Recognition of foreign court decisions
  • Enforcement of foreign court decisions
  • International treaties
  • Recognition of insurance periods based on German Turkish Social Security Treaty